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“ART IS MY LIFE “ _ LeThuy

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About the Artist :
Le Thuy has come to the career of oil painting since 2006 and the one who encouraged her  to be the artist was just the Vietnamese writer, Duong DinhHy. He always taught her to do the good things for life as painting and doing charity.With the passion of painting,sheworked consecutively in 2006 and it seemed that the more she painted, the more passionate she was. She really was eager for painting knowledge and she set herself a goal to travel around the world for her passion.

From 2009 to present, She has had the opportunity to see some museums in Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, France, Holland, Germany, USA (NewYork, Washington D.C, Philadelphia )….to accumulate experience as well as learning .Besides, she is also doing business  as the curator in order to breed her career at the same period of time.

What you can view in every her pictures is always connected with her feeling for nature and human. Even the sound of a falling leaf in the Autumn  or sunbeam in the early Summer as well as the sudden rain also become her improvised idea in her pictures.

Life is busy and never stops! People are busy for living all around the world too! It sometimes looks like the spark in the dark and that is the beautiful moment.

By the wonderful feeling for nature and human on her way of art, Le Thuy knows how to save them in her every pictures with using speedy brushes, blending colors , layer by layer of weaving the real and the virtual. That thing really helps to arouse her feeling  easily and opens the tangible world where everybody is always happy and peaceful.

For her, painting is just the way to express her passion. It is the half of her inside world. When brushing any canvas, she is really devoted herself to the world of color and feeling

Her only desire is brushing and doing charity. No matter what it take her lots of time as well as difficulty, she consistently pursues her dream because it is just her faith to keep her happy in every single day and she knows the things she is doing are absolutely meaningful!

Exhibitions for charity fund :

1. Exhibition in the fine art museum HoChiMinh city, VietNam at April 2007

2. Exhibition in the Kim Do hotel in Dist 1, HoChiMinh, Viet Nam, june 2007.

3. Exhibition in the War museum in Dist 3, HoChiMinh city., VietNam, june 2007. For handicapped, and poor humans in HoChiMinh city.

4. Exhibition in DieuPhap pagoda in BinhThanh Dist, HoChiMinh city, Viet Nam, July 2007. For Old Folk’s Home in DieuPhap pagoda.

5. Exhibition in DieuPhap pagoda in BinhThanh Dist, HoChiMinh city, Viet Nam, September 2007. For Old folk’s home in DieuPhap pagoda.

6. Exhibition in Bordeaux, France. December 2007 .

7. Exhibition in Bordeaux , France with ‘Art Blue” Association, May 2008

8.  An Binh Gallery Grand opening exhibition  15/9 to 15/10/2012
Sponsor for young talents artist to have a solo show in An Binh Gallery  (2012 -2013)

9. Exhibition in Manila

Erehwon Fiesta II: The Art of Storytelling, in Words and Images
Exhibition Opening is: August 30th, 2014


10.  Art study around the world :

  • Paris , Bordeaux, Nantes ( France 2008 )
  • Germany ,  Holand ( 2008 )
  • Singapore ( 2011 )
  • KL, Malaysia ( 2010 – 2011 )
  • NewYork city, Washington DC, Philadelphia ( 2013 )
  • Bangkok , Thailand (2009 -2012 -2015)
  • Manila , Philippines ( 2013 – 2014 )
  • Yangon, Myanmar ( 2014 – 215 )
  • Hochiminhcity, VietNam ( 2003 – 2008 )
  • and more…


Current works:


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